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Quick, by a show of hands, how many of you have workplace stress? Almost everybody, great. Now, how much of that stress do you think is self-imposed? What, no hands? Well, I’m not surprised, but you may be in for one

You see, most people make their own stress. Why do they do it? How should I know? I’m not a shrink. So how do I know it’s true? I don’t; you tell me if any of these 7 Signs You’re Creating Your Own Workplace Stress resonate with you

7 علامت که نشان میدهید خودتان مسبب استرس خویش می باشید.

تقریبا همه شما به نوعی دچار استرس می شوید، اما هیچ کدام متوجه نیستید که علت این فشار روحی خود شما هستید. این خود افرادند که باعث می شوند استرس بر آنها غلبه کند.

برچسب‌ها: ترجمه متن, استرس

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تاريخ : شنبه نهم آذر 1392

we will be back soon with a new design and new team!

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تاريخ : چهارشنبه نوزدهم تیر 1387

You've decided to translate a poem. Maybe you have been studying a foreign language your whole life and want to put your talents to good use. Maybe you just came back from vacation to an exotic country and fell in love with their national poet and you want to recall the romance. Either way, translating poetry is serious business and not to be taken lightly. Your job as a translator is not only to pass the meaning of the poem into another language but to respect and honor its spirit. I don't mean you need a séance with a thousand candles, begging the poem to breathe your page. I mean that there are some rules to respect when you translate a poem

 Stay Close to the Poem. Read the poem again and again until the words become second nature on your tongue. By doing this, you will be able to feel the rhythm of the poem. You will recognize the pace, the pauses, the beats, the swirls of energy. Write the poem in longhand and make ten copies. Stick these where you can see and read them. Try the bathroom, the kitchen cabinet, or the freezer door, leading to the Ben & Jerry's. These copies will familiarize you with the poem's grammatical structure: Where the adjectives are, where there is a break in tenses. Plus, if you put them on that package of Oreo's, it'll take you longer to gobble the bag down. You will have to read the poem first

… Continue

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تاريخ : جمعه بیستم اردیبهشت 1387

فراز وفرودهاي ترجمه در گفت وگو با اسدالله امرايي

شعر را نمي توان ترجمه كرد

يزدان سلحشور
اسدالله امرايي [متولد ۱۳۳۹ ـ شهرري] از پركارترين مترجمين يك دهه اخير است كه در حوزه هاي داستان كوتاه، رمان و شعر ترجمه هاي بسياري را از او خوانده ايم. از جمله اين ترجمه ها مي توان به آثاري چون: كوري [ژوزه ساراماگو ـ مرواريد ـ ۱۳۷۷]؛ دختر بخت [ايزابل آلنده ـ تنديس ـ ۱۳۷۸]؛ شبح اونيل [مايكل اونداتيه ـ نيلوفر ـ ۱۳۷۹] ؛ ظلمت در نيمروز [آرتور كستلر ـ نقش و نگار ـ ۱۳۸۰]؛ كائورادياس [كارلوس فوئنتس ـ تنديس ـ ۱۳۸۰]؛ اينس [كارلوس فوئنتس ـ مرواريد ـ ۱۳۸۲]؛ هر وقت كارم داشتي تلفن كن [مجموعه داستانهاي ريموند كارور ـ نقش و نگار ـ ۱۳۸۱]؛ بهترين بچه عالم [مجموعه داستانهاي خيلي كوتاه ـ رسانش ـ ۱۳۷۸]؛ عاشقانه هايي براي سيلويا پلات [شعرهاي تدهيوز ـ با همكاري ساير محمدي ـ نگاه ـ ۱۳۸۰]؛ مجموعه شعرهاي سيلويا پلات [با همكاري ساير محمدي ـ نقش و نگار (متن دوزبانه) ـ ۱۳۸۱]؛ و حرير مهتاب [مجموعه شعرهاي شاعران جهان ـ نشر مينا ـ ۱۳۸۱] اشاره كرد.
با امرايي در يكي از عصرهاي شهريور به گفت وگو نشستيم در آپارتمانش كه از دو اتاق ويك هال كوچك تشكيل مي شد و يكي از اتاق ها در واقع كتابخانه اي بود كه بخش اعظم آن را آثار نويسندگان انگليسي زبان تشكيل مي داد البته به زبان اصلي. ويژگي مهم امرايي در اين گفت وگو خونسردي وي بود كه برحسب تفسير معمول ايرانيان در اين گونه مواقع، به صبوري تعبير مي شود. او در هنگام پاسخ به هر سؤال، گويي به متني نامريي مي نگريست كه بخشي از آن قابل روايت بود و باقي، نه! سيماي او، سيماي مردي سي ساله بود و نحوه سخن گفتنش، يادآور مرداني كه در پنجمين دهه عمرشان به سر مي برند
جناب امرايي شما از معدود مترجمان فعالي هستيد كه در هردو زمينه شعر و داستان، آثاري را منتشر كرده ايد. عده اي از مترجمان بر اين اعتقادند كه مترجم شعر بايد خودشاعر باشد تا بتواند چالش شاعر با زبان را از زبان مبدأ به زبان مقصد منتقل كند ـ شما چه نظري داريد؟

شعري از يك شاعر لهستاني را به ياد مي آورم با نام «ترجمه شعر»؛ اين شعر روايت «نره زنبوري» است كه مي خواهد از شهد يك گل استفاده ببرد. سرما هم خورده و بويي را احساس نمي كند. تلاش مي كند خيلي سخت؛ و درنهايت وارد گل مي شود تا به شهد دست يابد. از گلبرگها هم عبور مي كند اما درنهايت سرش با كاسبرگ برخورد مي كند و سرخورده برمي گردد. در بيرون گل، روايت «نره زنبور» چنين است: «وارد گل شدم و از شهد آن استفاده بردم. باور نمي كنيد! بيني آغشته به گرده ام را ببينيد!» در اين شعر، هيچ اشاره مستقيمي به ترجمه شعر موجود نيست اما اين استعاره، به اندازه كافي گوياست. من اساساً معتقدم كه شعر ترجمه پذير نيست؛ البته در ترجمه بعضي از شعرها ما موفق مي شويم كه معنا را منتقل كنيم اما شعر كه فقط معنا نيست! به هرحال انتقال اين معنا هم بدون استفاده از شگردهاي شعري در زبان مقصد ممكن نيست گرچه درنهايت شما با «شعر» به مفهومي كه در زبان مبدأ «اتفاق» افتاده روبرو نيستيد.

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تاريخ : یکشنبه هشتم اردیبهشت 1387


I've said it in a hundred training workshops. Listening is important. I don't know why I say it - everyone already knows it. Whether talking to leaders, coaches, trainers, meeting facilitators, plant operators or anyone else, I'm sure the reaction is the same

"Duh, Kevin, that's profound."

believe we all know how to be great listeners when we really want to be. Times like: on a second date, when comforting someone who is hurting, when helping someone we care about. All of these are times we have experienced, and if our listening were graded in these situations, we would all score high

So, listening is a skill we already have, and can perform quite well in certain situations. The problem is we don't practice our skills at our best in nearly enough situations

In fact, there are sometimes that we are awful listeners. Times like

 When we are angry
 When we are busy
When we don't care or are uninterested
When we are bored

Most of us aren't very good listeners in these situations. But it is in many of these situations when improving our listening habits will pay us the biggest dividends. What can we do then to improve our listening habits in these difficult times?

The Seven "Gets
There are seven specific "Gets" that I recommend to you in any situation when you aren't at your listening best. Here they are

Get Curious
I learned this in college. I was most successful in classes I was interested in. So, to improve my success in other classes I looked for what I found interesting or wondered about. When I got more curious I became more interested, listened more carefully and was more successful. The same is true for meetings or one-on-one conversations. Become curious and you will listen more carefully, ask questions for clarification and understanding, and voila! boredom becomes interest


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تاريخ : چهارشنبه بیست و یکم فروردین 1387


Key Point
Good reading means building frameworks for connecting words to thoughts

The Purpose of Reading

The purpose of reading is to connect the ideas on the page to what you already know. If you don't know anything about a subject, then pouring words of text into your mind is like pouring water into your hand. You don't retain much. For example, try reading these numbers

7516324 This is hard to read and remember
751-6324 This is easier because of chunking
123-4567 This is easy to read because of prior knowledge and structure

Similarly, if you like sports, then reading the sports page is easy. You have a framework in your mind for reading, understanding and storing information

Improving Comprehension

Reading comprehension requires motivation, mental frameworks for holding ideas, concentration and good study techniques. Here are some suggestions


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تاريخ : جمعه شانزدهم فروردین 1387

اين پست را اختصاص دادم به يك مطلب  اموزشي براي اساتيد اما بد نيست كه دانش اموختگان زبان هم اين مقاله آموزشي رو مطالعه كنند .اميد به اينكه مورد استفاده شما دوستان قرار گيرد .

An article discussing the role of dictation in English language teaching


Dictation is seen by many teachers as somewhat old-fashioned, a relic of the grammar-translation method that dominated language teaching until the last couple of decades of the 20th century. For many people it brings back unhappy memories of dull, uncommunicative and often difficult lessons, where the focus was fairly and squarely on accuracy of language

However, if you reflect for a moment on what dictation actually does, then you will see that it can be an extremely versatile activity. It practises first and foremost listening and writing skills and within the latter a range of sub-skills from letter formation to spelling, punctuation and lay-out. It can also be argued that it practises vocabulary, syntax, grammar and, when the writer reviews his or her work, reading. In short, it gives practice in almost everything. The one skill absent from this list is the speaking skill, but this too can be practised if the dictation is approached in a slightly different way



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تاريخ : یکشنبه یازدهم فروردین 1387


یکی از مشکلات عمده ای که تمامی دانش آموختگان زبان های مختلفت با آن روبرو هستند . بالا بردن سطح لغات و استفاده از لغات مورد نیاز در صحبت های خود هستند . بسیاری از دانش اموختگان زبان های گوناگون با وجود اینکه از سطح لغات بسیار بالایی بهرمند هستند قادر به استفاده از لغات در صحبت های خود نستیند . در این پست و پست های بعدی سعی خواهد شد که تا حد بسیار زیادی با معرفی روش ها مختلف یادگیری لغات و به کارگیری لغات و معرفی سایت های مرتبط با آموزش لغات انگلیسی این مشکل را تا حد زیادی برطرف کرد .

From Kenneth Beare

Your Guide to English as 2nd Language

There are many ways to improve your vocabulary. When working to improve your vocabulary it's important to know your goals in order to best choose the way in which you want to learn. Reading can be a great way to improve your vocabulary. However, it won't be much help on a vocabulary test next week. Here are a number of methods to help you improve, and expand, your English vocabulary

Difficulty: Average

Here's How

Vocabulary Trees

Vocabulary trees help provide context. Once you've mapped out a few vocabulary trees, you'll discover yourself thinking in vocabulary groups. When you see a cup your mind will quickly relate such words as knife, fork, late, dishes, etc. This overview to vocabulary trees provides will help you get started. Here is an example of a vocabulary tree

Create Vocabulary Themes

Create a list of vocabulary themes, include the vocabulary, a definition and an example sentence for each new item. Here is an example of a household appliance vocabulary theme sheet

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تاريخ : یکشنبه چهارم فروردین 1387

A professional biography or overview, showcasing your
background, experience and expertise, is a necessity for every
business owner. This often overlooked marketing tool is an
excellent way to introduce you and your business to potential clients
and possible strategic business partners. Potentially, it might open
up opportunities for speaking engagements, radio or television
interviews, or a feature print article. While any information about
you and your business is helpful, information that is presented in a
professional, well-polished manner can make all the difference in
how others perceive you. Consider these important points as you
craft your own professional biography

One page wonder

Your professional biography should be a few paragraphs and kept
to one page or less. One page is perfect for copying on the
reverse side of a handout or flyer. Several paragraphs, left justified
make it easier to read and skim

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